• Check out my collection of tested as new (believed to be NOS) and used valves for audio amplifiers and vintage radios.
  • Located near the capital of Canberra.
  • I buy, sell and quality test new (NOS) and used vacuum tubes.
  • All valves are tested using one of my 3 tube testers before they are sold unless specifically stated in my response to your enquiry.
  • Upon request with certain audio types (see list on Valve Testing page) you can receive an emailed image of the Amplitrex AT1000 digital test report. Otherwise for these varieties an abbreviated specification label is attached to the outside of the valve box.
  • The nouns vacuum tube, tube and valve are used interchangeably for the benefit of Google. In Australia and New Zealand we generally refer to them as Valves!
  • This is not my day job! It is a hobby. Emails may not be responded to for 24 hours – I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Looking for a vacuum tube that is not listed in my databasePlease ask as chances are it is here but it hasn’t been recorded. The database currently contains about 50% of my radio and audio tubes.

Why use audio or radio valve equipment these days?

Many of us who have used valve gear in the past, and a growing number of new enthusiasts too, have discovered the secret of vacuum tubes. They actually sound better. This is because their mixture of frequency components (both audible and inaudible) are characteristically more musical, they have more “head room” than solid state devices and in many amplifier designs they are generally able to provide a better match to devices such as transformers. Those are the simplified explanations as to why I think they sound better! Just try some valve equipment for yourself and I think you will agree.


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