Valves Sell

Valve Stock List (incomplete but searchable indicative list)

Valves Sell – Prices start from $20 and depend upon availability (difficulty in sourcing) and tested condition of the valve.

Search the list below or send a query via the contact form. At any one time there are many not included in this database.

Most valves are, as far as I can reasonably tell, new old stock (NOS), some are used and tested good (UT)  and a lot are yet to be assessed and tested. We have the latest Amplitrex valve testing system so you can be sure of what you are buying when we certify that a valve has been “Amplitrex Tested”.  We also maintain fully calibrated Military Hickok and Avo Testers capable of testing the “% performance” against factory new standard. 

Important note about “NOS” valves – the term NOS is used to indicate that as far as I can tell a valve has not been used in service however most of them are at least 50 years old and often there is no way to be 100% sure. A judgement call is made based on experience.

Hint – Always use the “Search” query box below to quickly find the valve you are looking for as valves are not necessarily listed in alphanumeric sequence.

Request a quote via our Contact Us form. Delivery across Australia by Australia Post Express Tracked Service (usually overnight between main centres) or by standard parcel post (slow). Please read important information about delivery HERE.

Valve NameValve Type
42 UZ42 Pentode Power/Output
45directly heated triode
80Full-Wave Rectifier
1006 VT249Full-Wave Rectifier
5654 6AK5W M8100 CV4010 CV850Pentode RF/IF-Stage
5670Double Triode VHF
5686 Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6080 E6080 Double Triode Power-supply
7551 Beam Power Tube
7558 Beam Power Tube
9001 Pentode RF/IF-Stage
12AE6 Double Diode-Triode
12AE6ADouble Diode-Triode
12AT6 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
12AV6 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
12AY7 Double Triode Audio Frequency
12BA6 Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
12BY7 EL180 Beam Power Tube
12EK6Pentode RF/IF-Stage
12K5 Space Charge Tetrode Audio Frequency
12SJ7 Pentode
12SN7GTDouble Triode Audio Frequency
16A8 PCL82 Triode-Beam Power Tube
1AE4 Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
1R5 DK91 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode) Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
1T4 DF91Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
1U5Diode-Pentode Audio Frequency
25L6 25L6GTBeam Power Tube
2C26A Transmitting Triode air cooled VHF
3CB6 3CF6 Pentode
6146 6146A QE05-40 CV3523Beam Power Tube
6AB4 EC92 Triode VHF
6AG5 EF96Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6AK6 Pentode Power/Output
6AN4 Triode UHF
6AQ5 EL90 Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6BA6 EF93 CV454 Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6BA7 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
6BE6 EK90 CV4012 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
6BJ6 Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6BM6Reflex Klystron
6BQ7A ECC180 6BS8 6BZ7Double Triode VHF
6BV8 Double diode/triode
6BW6 CV2136 Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6BX6 EF80Pentode
6C4 EC90 CV133Triode
6CB6A EF190 6CF6Pentode beam power RF/IF-Stage
6CG7 6FQ7
6CX8Sharp-Cutoff Pentode
6DE4 6CQ4Half-Wave Rectifier
6EA8 6GH8A Triode-Pentode
6EB8 6GN8Triode-Pentode
6EM5Beam Power Tube
6ER5 EC95 Triode RF/IF-Stage
6EU7 Double Triode Audio Frequency
6F6G Pentode Power/Output
6GK5 6FQ5A Triode
6GY6 6GX6 Pentode
6J6A Double Triode VHF
6KV8 Triode-Pentode
6U8 ECF82 Triode-Pentode
85A2 CV449 5651 Voltage Reference Tube Power-supply
6K6GT/G Pentode Power Output
VT136 1625 Beam Power Output
EL91 CV136 6AM5 N77Pentode Power/Output
6AM6 CV138 EF91 6F12 Z77Pentode RF/IF-Stage
CV2130 QY3-125 Transmitting Tetrode air cooled VHF
CV2293 UD143Current Regulator Iron in Hydrogen Power-supply
CV358 EF37APentode Audio Frequency
CV4014 6064Pentode RF/IF-Stage
CV5073 6AM4 Triode UHF
DAF91 1S5Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage
DK96HEPTODE Frequency converter
DL95 3Q4Pentode Power/Output
DY51 Half-Wave Rectifier
DY802 1BQ2 1R15Half-Wave Rectifier
DY86 1S2 High-vacuum Rectifier
DY87 1S2A Half-Wave Rectifier
EA40 High-vacuum Rectifier
EAF42 6CT7 Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EB91 6AL5 EAA91 Double diode detector
EBC41 6CV7 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
EBC81 6BD7 6LD13 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
EBC90 6AT6 DH77 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
EBC91 6AV6 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
EBF83 6DR8 Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EBF80 6N8 Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EC900 6HA5Triode
EC91 6AQ4Triode VHF
EC93 6BS4 Triode
EC97 6FY5Triode RF/IF-Stage
ECC189 6ES8 Double Triode
ECC82 12AU7Double Triode
ECC84 6CW7 Double Triode VHF
ECC89 6FC7 Double Triode
ECF200 6X9 Triode-Pentode
ECF80 6BL8Triode-Pentode Frequency converter
ECF802 6JW8 Triode-Pentode
ECF86 6HG8 6HG8A Triode-Pentode
ECH42 6CU7 Triode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
ECH81 6AJ8 ECH83 6DS8 CV2128 Triode-Heptode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
ECH84 6JX8 Triode-Heptode
ECL80 6AB8Triode-Pentode Power/Output
ECL82 6BM8Triode-Beam Power Tube Audio Frequency
ECL84 6DX8 6DQ8Triode-Pentode Power/Output
ECL86 6GW8Triode-Beam Power Tube Audio Frequency
EF183 6EH7 Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EF184 6EJ7 6F26 Pentode clamp grid RF/IF-Stage
EF36Pentode RF/IF-Stage
EF40Pentode Audio Frequency
EF41 6CJ5Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EF42 6F13Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6GV8 ECL85 Triode-Pentode Power/Output
EF86 6CF8 6BK8 CV2901Pentode Audio Frequency
EF89 6DA6Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EF92 6CQ6 CV131 9D6Pentode
EF94 6AU6Pentode RF/IF-Stage
EF98 6ET6 6J40PPentode RF/IF-Stage
EL33 6M6GPentode Power/Output
EL41 6CK5Pentode Power/Output
EL42 BF62Pentode Power/Output
EL504 Beam Power Tube Power/Output
EL83 6CK6Pentode Power/Output
EL86 6CW5Pentode Power/Output
EM81 6DA5 Mag. Fan, 1 shadow angle
EM84 6FG6 Mag. bar tuning indicator Indication
EQ80 6BE7 ENNEODE Detector
EY84 6374 Half-Wave Rectifier
EY86 Half-Wave Rectifier
EY87 6S2A Half-Wave Rectifier
EY88 6AL3 Damper, booster, flyback diode
EZ40 6BT4 Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
EZ80 EZ82 6V4Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
G180 2M CV395 Voltage Regulator, single Power-supply
HBC90 12AT6 Double Diode-Triode
HL92 50C5Pentode Power/Output
HL94 30A5 Pentode Beam Power Tube
HY90 Half-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
JAN CAHG 866AHalf-Wave Mercury-Vapor Rectifier Power-supply (1924)
829 Double Beam Power Tube
866A VT46A Half-Wave Mercury-Vapor Rectifier
Ken Rad 80
Marconi B7TRIODE (Detail uncertain) Europe 4-Pin
0A2 CV1832 Voltage Regulator, single Power-supply
0B2 108C1 Voltage Regulator, single Power-supply
P31 B4D ??
PC189 ??
PC900 4HA5 Triode UHF
PC97 4FY5Triode VHF Controlling (mu)
PCC84 Double Triode VHF
PCC89 Double Triode
PCF201 8U9 Triode-Pentode
PCF80 9A8 CV8433 Triode-Pentode Frequency converter
PCF80 928 Triode-Pentode Frequency converter
PCF801 Triode-Pentode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
PCF82 9U8A Triode-Pentode
PCL84 15DQ8 Triode-Pentode Power/Output
PFL200 16Y9Double Pentode
PL500 Beam Power Tube Power/Output
PL504 Beam Power Tube
PLC86 14GW8 Triode-Pentode
PY85 ??
QB3/300 6155Transmitting Tetrode, air cooled
QS1209 Voltage Regulator, single
Super Radiotron
UAF42 Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
UBC41 10LD3Double Diode-Triode
UBC81 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
UCH81 10C14 Triode-Heptode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
UCL82 Triode-Pentode Audio Frequency
UF41Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling
UF42Pentode RF/IF-Stage
UL84 Pentode Power/Output
VR54 Double Diode Detector
VT172 Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage
VT202 Triode VHF
VT203 Pentode Controlling (mu)
24 Screen-grid Tetrode RF/IF-Stage
27 Triode Universal
55 PH55 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
56 Triode Universal
58Pentode RF/IF-Stage
75 Double Diode-Triode
1616 Half-Wave Rectifier
5651 Voltage Reference Tube Power-supply
5696 EN92 Thyratron
5725 6AS6WPentode RF/IF-Stage
5749Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
5750 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode) Pentagrid (new)
5763 CV2129 Beam Power Pentode
5764 Triode UHF
5765 Triode UHF
5766 Triode SHF/EHF (>3 GHz)
5767 SB846H Triode UHF
6062 CV4039 M8096 Beam Power Tube VHF
6065 CV4015Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6080 Double Triode Power-supply
6173 Signal Diode - one single system UHF
6197Pentode Power/Output
7233 Triode Power-supply
7551 Beam Power Tube
7905Beam Power Tube
8096 TRIODE (Detail uncertain)
9002Triode VHF
9003Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
12A6 VT134 Beam Power Tube
12AC6Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
12AD6 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
12AQ5 Beam Power Tube beam power
12AT7 ECC81 Double Triode VHF
12AT7WA E81CC CV4024Double Triode RF/IF-Stage
12AV7 Medium-Mu Twin Triode Tube
12AX7 ECC83 CV4035 Double Triode
12BE6 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode) Pentagrid (new) Controlling (mu)
12BL6Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
12C8 VT169 Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
12H6 Double Diode Detector
12K8GT Triode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
12K8Triode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
12SA7 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode) Pentagrid (new) Controlling (mu)
12SC7 Double Triode Audio Frequency
12SH7 VT288Pentode RF/IF-Stage
12SK7 VT131Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
19AQ5 Beam Power Tube Power/Output
1A3 DA90 Signal Diode - one single system Detector
1B3GTHalf-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
25Z6 High-vacuum Rectifier
2A6 Double Diode-Triode
2D21 EN91 PL21 Thyratron
33A/101K 12AT7 Double Triode
35Y4 Half-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
3A4 DL93 CV807Pentode Power/Output
3S4 DL92 VT174Pentode Power/Output
3V4 DL94Pentode Power/Output
446A GL446A Triode UHF
4652 8042 Beam Power Tube
4GK5 Triode RF/IF-Stage
5763 J320 Beam Power Tube VHF
5U4GTFull-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
5W4 Full-Wav Rectifier Power-supply
5Y3G 5Y3 U50 Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
5Z3 Full-Wave Rectifier
5Z4 Full-Wave Rectifier
6A8 6Q8 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode) Pentagrid (old) Controlling (mu)
6AB7Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6AC7 1852 CV849 6J4 VT112Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6AF3 Half-Wav Rectifier
6AF4A 6DZ4 6AF4 6T1 Triode UHF
6AG7 6AK7Pentode Power/Output
6AH6Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6AK5 EF95 Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6AL5W E91AA CV4007 5726Double Diode Detector
6AQ6Double Diode-Triode
6AS6Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6AU5 Beam Power Tube
6AX5GT 6AX5 Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
6B8 Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6BA6Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6BE6 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode) Pentagrid (new) Controlling (mu)
6BH6 Pentode RF/IF stage
6BJ6 Pentode RF/IF stage
6BQ7A Double Triode VHF
6BR7Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6BR8A Triode-Pentode
6BU8 Double Pentode
6BW6 Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6BZ6Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6C5 VT65Triode Audio Frequency
6CB6Pentode beam power RF/IF-Stage
6CG8A Medium-Mu Triode - Sharp-Cutoff Pentode Tube
6CL6 Pentode Power Output
6CZ5 Beam Power Tube
6DQ5 Beam Power Tube
6DQ6A Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6DT6Pentode Universal
6EW6Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6F12Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6F6Pentode Power/Output
6F6GT Pentode Power/Output
6GK6Pentode Power/Output
6H6 VT90 Double Diode Detector
6HG5 6AQ5A Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6HS8 Sharp-Cutoff Twin Pentode
6173 Signal Diode - one single system UHF
6J6 ECC91 Double Triode VHF
6J6WADouble Triode
6K7 VT86Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6L7G X64 HEPTODE Universal Controlling (mu)
6N7 VT96 Double Triode Power/Output
6O35 or 6035?
6Q7 6G7 6Q7G Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
6R4-WGA EC81Triode UHF
6R7 6R7M Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
6SA7GT 6A7 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
6SC7 Double Triode Audio Frequency
6SH7 6J3Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6SJ7 6J8 6SJ7Y VT116Pentode Universal
6SK7 6K3 6SK7YPentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6SR7 6G1 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
6X4 EZ90 U78 Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
6X5 6X5GT EZ35 ZA3494 Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
7B6 7B6LM Diode Dual - Triode
7B7Pentode RF/IF-Stage
7C5 Beam Power Tube
7C6 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
7GS7 Triode-Pentode
7S7 Triode-Heptode Frequency converter
7Y4 Full-Wave Rectifier
83V 288V CV2547High-vacuum Rectifier
92AVPhotocell High vakuum
C3J 5632Thyratron
83 CRC-83 VT83 Full-Wave Mercury-Vapor Rectifier
DAF96Diode-Pentode Audio Frequency
DCC90 3A5 Double Triode
DF92 1L4Pentode RF/IF stage
E180F 6688Pentode clamp grid Universal
E88C 8562Triode UHF
E92CC Double Triode
E99F 6662Pentode Universal
EA50 6D1Signal Diode - one single system Detector
EA76Signal Diode - one single system Detector
EAC91 Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
EAF42 6CT7Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EBC33 CV1055 OM4Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
EBF80 6N8Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EBF89 6DC8Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EC88 6DL4Triode RF/IF-Stage
ECF801 6GJ7 Triode-Pentode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
ECF805 6GV7 6C18Triode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
ECH200 Triode-Heptode Universal
ECH21Triode-Heptode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
EF22 6H2Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EF805Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EF85 6BY7Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EF97 6ES6Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EL81 6CJ6 Beam Power Tube
EL821 6CH6Pentode Power/Output
EL85 6BN5Pentode Power/Output
EL95 6DL5Beam Power Tube Power/Output
EY82 6N3Half-Wave Rectifier
EY91Half-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
EZ81 6CA4 Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
1C5Pentode Power/Output
6AH6Pentode RF/IF
N144 Pentode Audio output
N78 6BJ5Pentode Power/Output
NSP2 CV2296 Strobe Tube
0A2WA 6626 Voltage Regulator, single
0A3 VR75-30 VT260 Voltage Regulator, single
0Z4Full-Wave Cold-cathode-rectifier Power-supply
PCC189 7ES8Double Triode VHF Controlling (mu
PCC84 7AN7 Double Triode VHF
PCC85 9AQ8 Double Triode VHF
PCC89 7FC7 Double Triode
PCF200 Triode-Pentode
PCF801 8GJ7Triode-Pentode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
PCF802 9JW8Triode-Pentode
PCF86 7HG8Triode-Pentode Frequency converter
PCH200 9V9 Triode-Heptode
PCL200 Triode-Beam Power Tube
PCL805 PCL85 18GV8Triode-Beam Power Tube
PCL85 18GV8Triode-Beam Power Tube
PCL86 Triode-Beam Power Tube Audio Frequency
PF86Pentode Audio Frequency
PL36 Beam Power Tube Power/Output
PL81 21A6 N152 PL820 Beam Power Tube
PL82 N154 16A5Pentode Power/Output
PL84 15CW5Pentode Power/Output
PY81Damper booster flyback diode
PY83 17Z3A Damper booster flyback diode
PY88 30AE3 Damper booster flyback diode
Q51212 ??
Q595 10 ??
QQE03-20Double Tetrode
QQE03-12 6360 Double Tetrode
QV04-7 CV309 Beam Power Tube beam power VHF
RSD89 ??
S5 ??
0G3 STV 85/10 85A2 Voltage Regulator, single
STV30 20 ??
UB80 TRIODE Power/Output
UBC81 10LD13 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
UBF89 19FL8 Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
UF42Pentode RF/IF-Stage
UF89 12DA6Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
UL84 45B5Pentode Power/Output
UY85Half-Wave Rectifier
VR150 0D3 Voltage Regulator single Power-supply
VT74Pentode RF/IF-Stage
YR92 ??
78Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6R7GDouble Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
1J6G 1J6Double Triode Power/Output
CV75 4313CThyratron Cold-cathode
6F5Triode Audio Frequency
6AC5GTTriode Power/Output
931A 27M1 CV337Photomultiplier
1B3GTHalf-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
6U7G 6U7 Pentode RF/IF-Stage
VR91 EF50Pentode Controlling (mu)
1S4 DL91Pentode Power/Output
6BM8 ECL82Triode-Beam Power Tube Universal
CV4040 S6F17Beam Power Tube
6BS8 6BQ7ADouble Triode
19G3 CV277Half-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
VR123 EF8 CV1123HEXODE RF/IF-Stage
VGT121 CV1121 10E164Thyratron
0D3 CV216 VT139 VR150Voltage Regulator, single
1LA6Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
1LN5Pentode Universal
4369Voltage Limiter, rare gas filled
CV284 QS75-20Voltage Regulator, single Power-supply
84 6Z4Full-Wave Rectifier
AZ31Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
5Y4GFull-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
6AU4GTADamper, booster, flyback diode
VR105 0C3Voltage Regulator, single
VR75Voltage Regulator, single Power-supply
CV4004 ECC83 12AX7Double Triode Premium version of ECC83/12AX7 w/pin protectors
12BY7Beam Power Tube
EF80Pentode RF/IF-Stage
12BH7ADouble Triode
EL84 6BQ5Pentode Power/Output
6A3 CV730Triode Power/Output
6SN7GTBDouble Triode
U52 5U4GFull-Wave Rectifier
5963 CV3900Double Triode
6083 OS51Transmitting Tube, Pentode, air cooled Universal
6101 ECC91 6J6Double Triode Frequency converter
5Z4GTFull-Wave Rectifier
85A2 0G3Voltage Reference Tube Power-supply
CV4048 QS1212Voltage Reference Tube
802Transmitting Tube, Pentode
47Pentode Power/Output
35Screen-grid Tetrode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
39/44Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
C336Screen-grid Tetrode
329APentode Power/Output
U14Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
EL34 6CA7Pentode Power/Output
5U4GBFull-Wave Rectifier
ECC88 6DJ8Double Triode, several matched pairs Amperex, Toshiba
6JS6CBeam Power Tube Matched Pair
6V6G ZA5306Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6146B 8298ABeam Power Tube
QV06/20Beam Power Tube
803Transmitting Tube, Pentode, air cooled
85A1 0E3 CV431Voltage Regulator, single Power-supply
95A1 QS95/10Voltage Regulator, single
CV287 QS150/15Voltage Regulator, single
0B2WAVoltage Regulator, single
G1/371K CV2224Triode
6B6GDouble Diode-Triode
6BG6GBeam Power Tube beam power Power/Output
E80CCDouble Triode
CV329 6F33Vacuum Pentode
6K8 VT167Triode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
6V6GTBeam Power Tube Power/Output
6SQ7GTDouble Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
6U5 6G5Magic Eye, 1 shadow angle Indication
6L6Beam Power Tube beam power Audio Frequency
CV1822 2J48Pulse magnetron SHF/EHF (>3 GHz)
12SQ7Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
6L7 VT87HEPTODE Universal Controlling (mu)
7A5Double Diode Detector
EF83Pentode Audio Frequency Controlling (mu)
1F4Pentode Power/Output
DK92HEPTODE Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
PY80Damper, booster, flyback diode
50L6GTBeam Power Tube Power/Output
VT200Voltage Regulator, single
KTW61Pentode beam power RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6K7G VT86APentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EL36 Pentode Power/Output
6RK19Half-Wave Rectifier
2E26Beam Power Tube Power/Output
EFL200 6Y9Double Pentode
ECL85 6GV8Triode-Pentode Power/Output
DK40 MDK40OCTODE Controlling (mu)
EL500 6GB5Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6DC6Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
12AU6 CV1961 HF94Pentode RF/IF-Stage
5Y3GTFull-Wave Rectifier
35Z4GTHalf-Wave Rectifier
89Pentode Power/Output
6K8GTTriode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
12SA7GTPentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
24AScreen-grid Tetrode RF/IF-Stage
6D6 Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
235Screen-grid Tetrode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
41Pentode Power/Output
12SN7GTADouble Triode Audio Frequency
ECC40 AA61Double Triode Audio Frequency
UY41 31A3Half-Wave Rectifier
Z603U CV2434 6779 GR33Thyratron Cold-cathode
DL96 3C4 N25Pentode Power/Output
ECC85 6AQ8 6L12Double Triode VHF
6F17 CV416Beam Power RF/IF-Stage
155Current Regulator, Urdox with FeH
5879 Pentode Audio Frequency
18502Geiger-Müller- counter tube
12SF7Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
12SG7Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
12SR7 VT133Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
1A5GT VT124Pentode Power/Output
1A7GTPentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
1Q5GTBeam Power Tube Power/Output
1-VHalf-Wave Rectifier
2B7Double Diode-Pentode Universal Controlling (mu)
38HE7Damper Diode-Beam Power-Endtetrode
6132 CV4055Pentode Power/Output
6AH7Double Triode Audio Frequency
6AR7GTDouble Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6B7Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6B8GDouble Diode-Pentode Universal Controlling (mu)
6Q7GTDouble Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
6SG7Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6V6Beam Power Tube Power/Outpu
6X5GTFull-Wave Rectifier
75C1Voltage Regulator, single Power-supply
AV11Half-Wave Rectifier
CV286 QS95/10Voltage Regulator, single
CV797 5727Thyratron
EBF32Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
ECH35 CV1347Triode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
EF9Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EL88 Pentode Power/Output
GZ32Full-Wave Rectifier
QS1215Voltage Regulator, single
RL7 VR136Pentode RF/IF-Stage
VT224Double Triode Power/Output
VT132 12K8YTriode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
VT185 3D6 CV815Pentode Power/Output
0A4GThyratron Cold-cathode
12A8GT/G CV910Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
12F8Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
150B2Voltage Regulator, single Power-supply
150C4Voltage Regulator, single
2X2 879 VT119Half-Wave Rectifier
2X2A VT119Half-WaveRectifier
38HE7Damper Diode-Beam Power-Endtetrode
3A/167MTriode Power/Output
4687KVoltage Regulator, single Power-supply
5A/156M Pentode RF/IF-Stage
5A/157D CV358Pentode Audio Frequency
6159BBeam Power Tube
6A6Double Triode Power/Output
6AG7YPentode Power/Outpu
6AR5Pentode Power/Output
6BN6Gated-beam-tube beam power Detector
6BN8Double Diode-Triode
6BV7Double Diode-Pentode Power/Output
6CM5 Pentode Power/Output
6DQ6Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6U5GMag. Eye, 1 shadow angle Indication
6Y6GBeam Power Tube Power/Output
6Y6GTBeam Power Tube
A3Triode Power Output
ARP35Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
CK5670Double Triode VHF
CV1091Pentode Universal Controlling (mu)
CV345 12E1Beam Power Tube beam power Power-supply
CV359 NE17Glow Indicator (Neon) Indication
CV4025 6058 M8079Double Diode Detector
CV4031 M8081Double Triode VHF
CV858 6J6W
EB34 6H6GTDouble Diode Detector
EL32 CV1052Vacuum Pentode Power/Output
QQV03/10 CV2798Double Tetrode
UBF80Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
UCH42Triode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
UF21Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
VR137 CV1137Triode VHF
1LA6 CV775Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode) Pentagrid (old) Controlling (mu)
1LD5 CV779Diode-Pentode Audio Frequency
1D8GT VT148Diode-Triode-Pentode Power/Output
1H5GT 1H5 VT223Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
1P5GTPentode Controlling (mu)
3Q5GT DL33 VT221 CV819Beam Power Tube Power/Output
1N5GTPentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
DK32OCTODE Controlling (mu)
DF33Pentode Controlling (mu)
DL36Pentode Power/Output
1U4 DF904 Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
DF96 1AJ4 1F33Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
34Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
32Screen-grid Tetrode RF/IF-Stage
19Double Triode Power/Output
49Double Grid Power Amplifier Power/Output
33 Pentode Power/Output
KL4Pentode Power/Output
KK2OCTODE Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
VP2BPentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
1B5 25SDouble Diode-Triode
1C6Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
1A4Screen-grid Tetrode Controlling (mu)
1C7GPentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
1D4Pentode Power/Output
1A4PScreen-grid Tetrode Controlling (mu)
1K5GPentode RF/IF-Stage
1D5GPPentode Controlling (mu)
GZ30 5Z4G
DF906Screen-grid Tetrode RF/IF-Stage
5R4GY CV717Full Wave Rectifier
EF39Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
2A3 VT95 CV1831Triode Power Output
57Pentode RF/IF-Stage
816Half-Wave Mercury-Vapor Rectifier
1X2BHalf-Wave Rectifier
6AX4GTHalf-Wave Rectifier
6GJ5Beam Power Output
EF37Pentode Audio Frequency
EF8HEXODE RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EK2OCTODE Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
EY81 6R3Damper, booster, flyback diode
HY114BTriode VHF
L63 6J5GTriode
PF1Pentode RF/IF-Stage
QQV03-20ADouble Tetrode
RX235Half-Wave Rectifier
82Full-Wave Mercury-Vapor Rectifier
354Half-Wave Rectifier, gasfilled
800Transmitting Triode
5Y4GTFull-Wave Rectifier
6BC8 6BZ8Double Triode
6K8GTriode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
6SA7Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
EN31 EC50Thyratron
PY82 19Y3 19SUDamper, booster, flyback diode
76 Triode
MU14Full Wave Rectifier
12BY7ABeam Power
EZ35 6X5GTFull Wave Rectifier
6F5GAudio Triode
6Q7GDouble Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
6J7G KTZ63Pentode
1V2Half Wave Rectifier
EZ3Full Wave Rectifier
EZ2Full Wave Rectifier
1A4TScreen-grid Tetrode Controlling (mu)
15Pentode RF/IF
1Q5 GT/GBeam Power Output
1F6Double Diode-Pentode Audio Frequency
VP22 CV1331Vacuum Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
TDD2ADouble Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
1B4Screen Grid Tetrode
1J6 GTDouble Triode Power/Output
1K7GDouble Diode-Pentode Universal
1H6GDouble Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
12AH8Triode-Heptode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
5AS4A 5U4GBFull-Wave Rectifier
6AU5GTBeam Power Tube
6BW7Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6F15Pentode Controlling (mu)
6F8G VT99Double Triode
12Z3Half-Wave Rectifier
6SF5Triode Audio Frequency
6R7GTDouble Diode-Triode
6SF7Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage
KTZ73 CV1343Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6SQ7Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
6SN7GT VT231Double Triode
6SL7GTDouble Triode Audio Frequency
6Z3High-vacuum Rectifier
6S7GVacuum Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6G8GDouble Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6SK7GTPentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
CV1066 VR66Triode Power/Output
6B5MULTI-SYSTEM, internal coupling Power/Output
6C8GDouble Triode Audio Frequency
5V4GAFull-Wave Rectifier
AZ4Full-Wave Rectifier
6LD20Double Diode-Triode
7A6Double Diode Detector
832 VT118Double Beam Power Tube
AZ41Full-Wave Rectifier
CV1078 VR78Signal Diode - one single system RF/IF-Stage
CV188 7475Voltage Regulator, single
DL41Pentode Power/Output
6X4WA CV4005Full-Wave Rectifier
PCL88Triode-Beam Power/Output
RX235Half-Wave Rectifier
UY89Half-Wave Rectifier
VT117Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
20CGPhotocell Gas filled
4211ETransmitting Triode, air cooled
6GW6 6DQ6BBeam Power Tube
BT45 CV22Thyratron
D63 ARDD3 CV1929Double Diode Detector
KL35Pentode Power/Output
QQE06/40Double Tetrode Power/Output
1909ACurrent Regulator, Iron in Hydrogen Power-supply
3533APhotocell Gas filled
RK34 2C34Double Triode Power/Output
6N7GTGDouble Triode Power/Output
35Z5GTHalf-Wave Rectifier
0C2Voltage Regulator
EL360Pentode Power/Output
6AG6GPentode Power/Output
KT81Beam Power Tube Power/Output
7F8Double Triode VHF
6J8GTriode-Heptode Frequency converter
7J7Triode-Heptode Frequency converter
18 Pentode Power/Output
6J8GATriode-Heptode Frequency converter
6G6GPentode Power/Output
7R7Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6B8GTDouble Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EB41Double Diode Detector
6A8GTPentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
7G7Pentode RF/IF-Stage
7A7Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
7A8OCTODE Frequency converter
7Q7Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
6U6GTPentode Power/Output
25A6Pentode Power/Output
6V6GTABeam Power Tube Power/Output
6G6Pentode Power/Output
6L6GBBeam Power Tube
6L6GCBeam Power Tube
6N7GTDouble Triode Power/Output
UCH41Triode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
ECH41Triode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
EZ41Full-Wave Vacuum Rectifier Power-supply
1622Beam Power Tube
CV422 QS108/45Voltage Regulator, single
EM87Mag. bar tuning indicator
6AU6APentode RF/IF-Stage
12AL5Double Diode Detector
EABC80 6AK8Triple diode triode
CK512AXPentode Audio Frequency
CK533AXPentode Power/Output
DC70 6375Triode RF/IF-Stage
955 VT121Triode VHF
6D-HH13Double Triode
7587Nuvistor Tetrode
7586Nuvistor Triode
8056Nuvistor Triode
ECC802Double Triode
ECC83SDouble Triode
EBC80Double Diode-Triode
6BE8Triode-Pentode Frequency converter
837 VT101Pentode
9006Diode Detector
12SL7Double Triode
150C1KVoltage Regulator
L102/2K 7825Counting and Measurement
6AL6 CV140Beam Power
6C8Double Triode
CV415Double Tetrode
CV5112 3A/167MTriode
EAF41 D61Diode Pentode
EBF35Double Diode Pentode
ECH3Triode Hexode
EM34 6CD7Magic Eye
L102/1KCounting and Measurement
VT100ABeam Power

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