Valves Sell

Valve Stock List (incomplete but searchable list)

Valves Sell – Most prices start from $20 and depend upon availability and difficulty in sourcing.

Search the list below or send a query via the contact form. At any one time there are many not included in this database.

Most valves are, as far as I can reasonably tell, new old stock (NOS), some are used and tested good (UT)  and a lot are yet to be assessed and tested. We have the latest Amplitrex valve testing system so you can be sure of what you are buying when we certify that a valve has been “Amplitrex Tested”.  We also maintain fully calibrated Military Hickok and Avo Testers capable of testing the “% performance” against factory new standard. 

Important note about “NOS” valves – the term NOS is used to indicate that as far as I can tell a valve has not been used in service however most of them are at least 50 years old and often there is no way to be 100% sure. A judgement call is made based on experience.

Hint – Always use the “Search” query box below to quickly find the valve you are looking for as valves are not necessarily listed in alphanumeric sequence.

Request a quote via our Contact Us form. Delivery across Australia by Australia Post Express Tracked Service
(usually overnight between main centres) =  $12. Please read important information about delivery HERE.

Valve NameValve Type
42 UZ42 Pentode Power/Output
45directly heated triode
80Full-Wave Rectifier
1006 VT249Full-Wave Rectifier
5654 6AK5W M8100 CV4010 CV850Pentode RF/IF-Stage
5670Double Triode VHF
5686 Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6080 E6080 Double Triode Power-supply
7551 Beam Power Tube
7558 Beam Power Tube
9001 Pentode RF/IF-Stage
12AE6 Double Diode-Triode
12AE6ADouble Diode-Triode
12AT6 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
12AV6 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
12AY7 Double Triode Audio Frequency
12BA6 Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
12BY7 EL180 Beam Power Tube
12EK6Pentode RF/IF-Stage
12K5 Space Charge Tetrode Audio Frequency
12SJ7 Pentode
12SN7GTDouble Triode Audio Frequency
16A8 PCL82 Triode-Beam Power Tube
1AE4 Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
1R5 DK91 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode) Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
1T4 DF91Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
1U5Diode-Pentode Audio Frequency
25L6 25L6GTBeam Power Tube
2C26A Transmitting Triode air cooled VHF
3CB6 3CF6 Pentode
6146 6146A QE05-40 CV3523Beam Power Tube
6AB4 EC92 Triode VHF
6AG5 EF96Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6AK6 Pentode Power/Output
6AN4 Triode UHF
6AQ5 EL90 Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6BA6 EF93 CV454 Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6BA7 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
6BE6 EK90 CV4012 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
6BJ6 Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6BM6Reflex Klystron
6BQ7A ECC180 6BS8 6BZ7Double Triode VHF
6BV8 Double diode/triode
6BW6 CV2136 Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6BX6 EF80Pentode
6C4 EC90 CV133Triode
6CB6A EF190 6CF6Pentode beam power RF/IF-Stage
6CG7 6FQ7
6CX8Sharp-Cutoff Pentode
6DE4 6CQ4Half-Wave Rectifier
6EA8 6GH8A Triode-Pentode
6EB8 6GN8Triode-Pentode
6EM5Beam Power Tube
6ER5 EC95 Triode RF/IF-Stage
6EU7 Double Triode Audio Frequency
6F6G Pentode Power/Output
6GK5 6FQ5A Triode
6GY6 6GX6 Pentode
6J6A Double Triode VHF
6KV8 Triode-Pentode
6U8 ECF82 Triode-Pentode
85A2 CV449 5651 Voltage Reference Tube Power-supply
6K6GT/G Pentode Power Output
VT136 1625 Beam Power Output
EL91 CV136 6AM5 N77Pentode Power/Output
6AM6 CV138 EF91 6F12 Z77Pentode RF/IF-Stage
CV2130 QY3-125 Transmitting Tetrode air cooled VHF
CV2293 UD143Current Regulator Iron in Hydrogen Power-supply
CV358 EF37APentode Audio Frequency
CV4014 6064Pentode RF/IF-Stage
CV5073 6AM4 Triode UHF
DAF91 1S5Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage
DK96HEPTODE Frequency converter
DL95 3Q4Pentode Power/Output
DY51 Half-Wave Rectifier
DY802 1BQ2 1R15Half-Wave Rectifier
DY86 1S2 High-vacuum Rectifier
DY87 1S2A Half-Wave Rectifier
EA40 High-vacuum Rectifier
EAF42 6CT7 Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EB91 6AL5 EAA91 Double diode detector
EBC41 6CV7 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
EBC81 6BD7 6LD13 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
EBC90 6AT6 DH77 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
EBC91 6AV6 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
EBF83 6DR8 Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EBF80 6N8 Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EC900 6HA5Triode
EC91 6AQ4Triode VHF
EC93 6BS4 Triode
EC97 6FY5Triode RF/IF-Stage
ECC189 6ES8 Double Triode
ECC82 12AU7Double Triode
ECC84 6CW7 Double Triode VHF
ECC89 6FC7 Double Triode
ECF200 6X9 Triode-Pentode
ECF80 6BL8Triode-Pentode Frequency converter
ECF802 6JW8 Triode-Pentode
ECF86 6HG8 6HG8A Triode-Pentode
ECH42 6CU7 Triode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
ECH81 6AJ8 ECH83 6DS8 CV2128 Triode-Heptode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
ECH84 6JX8 Triode-Heptode
ECL80 6AB8Triode-Pentode Power/Output
ECL82 6BM8Triode-Beam Power Tube Audio Frequency
ECL84 6DX8 6DQ8Triode-Pentode Power/Output
ECL86 6GW8Triode-Beam Power Tube Audio Frequency
EF183 6EH7 Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EF184 6EJ7 6F26 Pentode clamp grid RF/IF-Stage
EF36Pentode RF/IF-Stage
EF40Pentode Audio Frequency
EF41 6CJ5Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EF42 6F13Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6GV8 ECL85 Triode-Pentode Power/Output
EF86 6CF8 6BK8 CV2901Pentode Audio Frequency
EF89 6DA6Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EF92 6CQ6 CV131 9D6Pentode
EF94 6AU6Pentode RF/IF-Stage
EF98 6ET6 6J40PPentode RF/IF-Stage
EL33 6M6GPentode Power/Output
EL41 6CK5Pentode Power/Output
EL42 BF62Pentode Power/Output
EL504 Beam Power Tube Power/Output
EL83 6CK6Pentode Power/Output
EL86 6CW5Pentode Power/Output
EM81 6DA5 Mag. Fan, 1 shadow angle
EM84 6FG6 Mag. bar tuning indicator Indication
EQ80 6BE7 ENNEODE Detector
EY84 6374 Half-Wave Rectifier
EY86 Half-Wave Rectifier
EY87 6S2A Half-Wave Rectifier
EY88 6AL3 Damper, booster, flyback diode
EZ40 6BT4 Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
EZ80 EZ82 6V4Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
G180 2M CV395 Voltage Regulator, single Power-supply
HBC90 12AT6 Double Diode-Triode
HL92 50C5Pentode Power/Output
HL94 30A5 Pentode Beam Power Tube
HY90 Half-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
JAN CAHG 866AHalf-Wave Mercury-Vapor Rectifier Power-supply (1924)
829 Double Beam Power Tube
866A VT46A Half-Wave Mercury-Vapor Rectifier
Ken Rad 80
Marconi B7TRIODE (Detail uncertain) Europe 4-Pin
0A2 CV1832 Voltage Regulator, single Power-supply
0B2 108C1 Voltage Regulator, single Power-supply
P31 B4D ??
PC189 ??
PC900 4HA5 Triode UHF
PC97 4FY5Triode VHF Controlling (mu)
PCC84 Double Triode VHF
PCC89 Double Triode
PCF201 8U9 Triode-Pentode
PCF80 9A8 CV8433 Triode-Pentode Frequency converter
PCF80 928 Triode-Pentode Frequency converter
PCF801 Triode-Pentode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
PCF82 9U8A Triode-Pentode
PCL84 15DQ8 Triode-Pentode Power/Output
PFL200 16Y9Double Pentode
PL500 Beam Power Tube Power/Output
PL504 Beam Power Tube
PLC86 14GW8 Triode-Pentode
PY85 ??
QB3/300 6155Transmitting Tetrode, air cooled
QS1209 Voltage Regulator, single
Super Radiotron
UAF42 Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
UBC41 10LD3Double Diode-Triode
UBC81 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
UCH81 10C14 Triode-Heptode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
UCL82 Triode-Pentode Audio Frequency
UF41Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling
UF42Pentode RF/IF-Stage
UL84 Pentode Power/Output
VR54 Double Diode Detector
VT172 Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage
VT202 Triode VHF
VT203 Pentode Controlling (mu)
24 Screen-grid Tetrode RF/IF-Stage
27 Triode Universal
55 PH55 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
56 Triode Universal
58Pentode RF/IF-Stage
75 Double Diode-Triode
1616 Half-Wave Rectifier
5651 Voltage Reference Tube Power-supply
5696 EN92 Thyratron
5725 6AS6WPentode RF/IF-Stage
5749Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
5750 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode) Pentagrid (new)
5763 CV2129 Beam Power Pentode
5764 Triode UHF
5765 Triode UHF
5766 Triode SHF/EHF (>3 GHz)
5767 SB846H Triode UHF
6062 CV4039 M8096 Beam Power Tube VHF
6065 CV4015Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6080 Double Triode Power-supply
6173 Signal Diode - one single system UHF
6197Pentode Power/Output
7233 Triode Power-supply
7551 Beam Power Tube
7905Beam Power Tube
8096 TRIODE (Detail uncertain)
9002Triode VHF
9003Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
12A6 VT134 Beam Power Tube
12AC6Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
12AD6 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
12AQ5 Beam Power Tube beam power
12AT7 ECC81 Double Triode VHF
12AT7WA E81CC CV4024Double Triode RF/IF-Stage
12AV7 Medium-Mu Twin Triode Tube
12AX7 ECC83 CV4035 Double Triode
12BE6 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode) Pentagrid (new) Controlling (mu)
12BL6Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
12C8 VT169 Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
12H6 Double Diode Detector
12K8GT Triode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
12K8Triode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
12SA7 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode) Pentagrid (new) Controlling (mu)
12SC7 Double Triode Audio Frequency
12SH7 VT288Pentode RF/IF-Stage
12SK7 VT131Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
19AQ5 Beam Power Tube Power/Output
1A3 DA90 Signal Diode - one single system Detector
1B3GTHalf-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
25Z6 High-vacuum Rectifier
2A6 Double Diode-Triode
2D21 EN91 PL21 Thyratron
33A/101K 12AT7 Double Triode
35Y4 Half-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
3A4 DL93 CV807Pentode Power/Output
3S4 DL92 VT174Pentode Power/Output
3V4 DL94Pentode Power/Output
446A GL446A Triode UHF
4652 8042 Beam Power Tube
4GK5 Triode RF/IF-Stage
5763 J320 Beam Power Tube VHF
5U4GTFull-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
5W4 Full-Wav Rectifier Power-supply
5Y3G 5Y3 U50 Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
5Z3 Full-Wave Rectifier
5Z4 Full-Wave Rectifier
6A8 6Q8 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode) Pentagrid (old) Controlling (mu)
6AB7Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6AC7 1852 CV849 6J4 VT112Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6AF3 Half-Wav Rectifier
6AF4A 6DZ4 6AF4 6T1 Triode UHF
6AG7 6AK7Pentode Power/Output
6AH6Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6AK5 EF95 Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6AL5W E91AA CV4007 5726Double Diode Detector
6AQ6Double Diode-Triode
6AS6Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6AU5 Beam Power Tube
6AX5GT 6AX5 Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
6B8 Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6BA6Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6BE6 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode) Pentagrid (new) Controlling (mu)
6BH6 Pentode RF/IF stage
6BJ6 Pentode RF/IF stage
6BQ7A Double Triode VHF
6BR7Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6BR8A Triode-Pentode
6BU8 Double Pentode
6BW6 Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6BZ6Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6C5 VT65Triode Audio Frequency
6CB6Pentode beam power RF/IF-Stage
6CG8A Medium-Mu Triode - Sharp-Cutoff Pentode Tube
6CL6 Pentode Power Output
6CZ5 Beam Power Tube
6DQ5 Beam Power Tube
6DQ6A Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6DT6Pentode Universal
6EW6Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6F12Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6F6Pentode Power/Output
6F6GT Pentode Power/Output
6GK6Pentode Power/Output
6H6 VT90 Double Diode Detector
6HG5 6AQ5A Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6HS8 Sharp-Cutoff Twin Pentode
6173 Signal Diode - one single system UHF
6J6 ECC91 Double Triode VHF
6J6WADouble Triode
6K7 VT86Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6L7G X64 HEPTODE Universal Controlling (mu)
6N7 VT96 Double Triode Power/Output
6O35 or 6035?
6Q7 6G7 6Q7G Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
6R4-WGA EC81Triode UHF
6R7 6R7M Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
6SA7GT 6A7 Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
6SC7 Double Triode Audio Frequency
6SH7 6J3Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6SJ7 6J8 6SJ7Y VT116Pentode Universal
6SK7 6K3 6SK7YPentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6SR7 6G1 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
6X4 EZ90 U78 Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
6X5 6X5GT EZ35 ZA3494 Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
7B6 7B6LM Diode Dual - Triode
7B7Pentode RF/IF-Stage
7C5 Beam Power Tube
7C6 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
7GS7 Triode-Pentode
7S7 Triode-Heptode Frequency converter
7Y4 Full-Wave Rectifier
83V 288V CV2547High-vacuum Rectifier
92AVPhotocell High vakuum
C3J 5632Thyratron
83 CRC-83 VT83 Full-Wave Mercury-Vapor Rectifier
DAF96Diode-Pentode Audio Frequency
DCC90 3A5 Double Triode
DF92 1L4Pentode RF/IF stage
E180F 6688Pentode clamp grid Universal
E88C 8562Triode UHF
E92CC Double Triode
E99F 6662Pentode Universal
EA50 6D1Signal Diode - one single system Detector
EA76Signal Diode - one single system Detector
EAC91 Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
EAF42 6CT7Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EBC33 CV1055 OM4Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
EBF80 6N8Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EBF89 6DC8Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EC88 6DL4Triode RF/IF-Stage
ECF801 6GJ7 Triode-Pentode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
ECF805 6GV7 6C18Triode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
ECH200 Triode-Heptode Universal
ECH21Triode-Heptode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
EF22 6H2Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EF805Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EF85 6BY7Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EF97 6ES6Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EL81 6CJ6 Beam Power Tube
EL821 6CH6Pentode Power/Output
EL85 6BN5Pentode Power/Output
EL95 6DL5Beam Power Tube Power/Output
EY82 6N3Half-Wave Rectifier
EY91Half-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
EZ81 6CA4 Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
1C5Pentode Power/Output
6AH6Pentode RF/IF
N144 Pentode Audio output
N78 6BJ5Pentode Power/Output
NSP2 CV2296 Strobe Tube
0A2WA 6626 Voltage Regulator, single
0A3 VR75-30 VT260 Voltage Regulator, single
0Z4Full-Wave Cold-cathode-rectifier Power-supply
PCC189 7ES8Double Triode VHF Controlling (mu
PCC84 7AN7 Double Triode VHF
PCC85 9AQ8 Double Triode VHF
PCC89 7FC7 Double Triode
PCF200 Triode-Pentode
PCF801 8GJ7Triode-Pentode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
PCF802 9JW8Triode-Pentode
PCF86 7HG8Triode-Pentode Frequency converter
PCH200 9V9 Triode-Heptode
PCL200 Triode-Beam Power Tube
PCL805 PCL85 18GV8Triode-Beam Power Tube
PCL85 18GV8Triode-Beam Power Tube
PCL86 Triode-Beam Power Tube Audio Frequency
PF86Pentode Audio Frequency
PL36 Beam Power Tube Power/Output
PL81 21A6 N152 PL820 Beam Power Tube
PL82 N154 16A5Pentode Power/Output
PL84 15CW5Pentode Power/Output
PY81Damper booster flyback diode
PY83 17Z3A Damper booster flyback diode
PY88 30AE3 Damper booster flyback diode
Q51212 ??
Q595 10 ??
QQE03-20Double Tetrode
QQE03-12 6360 Double Tetrode
QV04-7 CV309 Beam Power Tube beam power VHF
RSD89 ??
S5 ??
0G3 STV 85/10 85A2 Voltage Regulator, single
STV30 20 ??
UB80 TRIODE Power/Output
UBC81 10LD13 Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
UBF89 19FL8 Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
UF42Pentode RF/IF-Stage
UF89 12DA6Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
UL84 45B5Pentode Power/Output
UY85Half-Wave Rectifier
VR150 0D3 Voltage Regulator single Power-supply
VT74Pentode RF/IF-Stage
YR92 ??
78Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6R7GDouble Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
1J6G 1J6Double Triode Power/Output
CV75 4313CThyratron Cold-cathode
6F5Triode Audio Frequency
6AC5GTTriode Power/Output
931A 27M1 CV337Photomultiplier
1B3GTHalf-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
6U7G 6U7 Pentode RF/IF-Stage
VR91 EF50Pentode Controlling (mu)
1S4 DL91Pentode Power/Output
6BM8 ECL82Triode-Beam Power Tube Universal
CV4040 S6F17Beam Power Tube
6BS8 6BQ7ADouble Triode
19G3 CV277Half-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
VR123 EF8 CV1123HEXODE RF/IF-Stage
VGT121 CV1121 10E164Thyratron
0D3 CV216 VT139 VR150Voltage Regulator, single
1LA6Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
1LN5Pentode Universal
4369Voltage Limiter, rare gas filled
CV284 QS75-20Voltage Regulator, single Power-supply
84 6Z4Full-Wave Rectifier
AZ31Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
5Y4GFull-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
6AU4GTADamper, booster, flyback diode
VR105 0C3Voltage Regulator, single
VR75Voltage Regulator, single Power-supply
CV4004 ECC83 12AX7Double Triode Premium version of ECC83/12AX7 w/pin protectors
12BY7Beam Power Tube
EF80Pentode RF/IF-Stage
12BH7ADouble Triode
EL84 6BQ5Pentode Power/Output
6A3 CV730Triode Power/Output
6SN7GTBDouble Triode
U52 5U4GFull-Wave Rectifier
5963 CV3900Double Triode
6083 OS51Transmitting Tube, Pentode, air cooled Universal
6101 ECC91 6J6Double Triode Frequency converter
5Z4GTFull-Wave Rectifier
85A2 0G3Voltage Reference Tube Power-supply
CV4048 QS1212Voltage Reference Tube
802Transmitting Tube, Pentode
47Pentode Power/Output
35Screen-grid Tetrode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
39/44Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
C336Screen-grid Tetrode
329APentode Power/Output
U14Full-Wave Rectifier Power-supply
EL34 6CA7Pentode Power/Output
5U4GBFull-Wave Rectifier
ECC88 6DJ8Double Triode, several matched pairs Amperex, Toshiba
6JS6CBeam Power Tube Matched Pair
6V6G ZA5306Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6146B 8298ABeam Power Tube
QV06/20Beam Power Tube
803Transmitting Tube, Pentode, air cooled
85A1 0E3 CV431Voltage Regulator, single Power-supply
95A1 QS95/10Voltage Regulator, single
CV287 QS150/15Voltage Regulator, single
0B2WAVoltage Regulator, single
G1/371K CV2224Triode
6B6GDouble Diode-Triode
6BG6GBeam Power Tube beam power Power/Output
E80CCDouble Triode
CV329 6F33Vacuum Pentode
6K8 VT167Triode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
6V6GTBeam Power Tube Power/Output
6SQ7GTDouble Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
6U5 6G5Magic Eye, 1 shadow angle Indication
6L6Beam Power Tube beam power Audio Frequency
CV1822 2J48Pulse magnetron SHF/EHF (>3 GHz)
12SQ7Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
6L7 VT87HEPTODE Universal Controlling (mu)
7A5Double Diode Detector
EF83Pentode Audio Frequency Controlling (mu)
1F4Pentode Power/Output
DK92HEPTODE Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
PY80Damper, booster, flyback diode
50L6GTBeam Power Tube Power/Output
VT200Voltage Regulator, single
KTW61Pentode beam power RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6K7G VT86APentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EL36 Pentode Power/Output
6RK19Half-Wave Rectifier
2E26Beam Power Tube Power/Output
EFL200 6Y9Double Pentode
ECL85 6GV8Triode-Pentode Power/Output
DK40 MDK40OCTODE Controlling (mu)
EL500 6GB5Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6DC6Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
12AU6 CV1961 HF94Pentode RF/IF-Stage
5Y3GTFull-Wave Rectifier
35Z4GTHalf-Wave Rectifier
89Pentode Power/Output
6K8GTTriode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
12SA7GTPentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
24AScreen-grid Tetrode RF/IF-Stage
6D6 Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
235Screen-grid Tetrode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
41Pentode Power/Output
12SN7GTADouble Triode Audio Frequency
ECC40 AA61Double Triode Audio Frequency
UY41 31A3Half-Wave Rectifier
Z603U CV2434 6779 GR33Thyratron Cold-cathode
DL96 3C4 N25Pentode Power/Output
ECC85 6AQ8 6L12Double Triode VHF
6F17 CV416Beam Power RF/IF-Stage
155Current Regulator, Urdox with FeH
5879 Pentode Audio Frequency
18502Geiger-Müller- counter tube
12SF7Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
12SG7Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
12SR7 VT133Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
1A5GT VT124Pentode Power/Output
1A7GTPentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
1Q5GTBeam Power Tube Power/Output
1-VHalf-Wave Rectifier
2B7Double Diode-Pentode Universal Controlling (mu)
38HE7Damper Diode-Beam Power-Endtetrode
6132 CV4055Pentode Power/Output
6AH7Double Triode Audio Frequency
6AR7GTDouble Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6B7Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6B8GDouble Diode-Pentode Universal Controlling (mu)
6Q7GTDouble Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
6SG7Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6V6Beam Power Tube Power/Outpu
6X5GTFull-Wave Rectifier
75C1Voltage Regulator, single Power-supply
AV11Half-Wave Rectifier
CV286 QS95/10Voltage Regulator, single
CV797 5727Thyratron
EBF32Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
ECH35 CV1347Triode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
EF9Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EL88 Pentode Power/Output
GZ32Full-Wave Rectifier
QS1215Voltage Regulator, single
RL7 VR136Pentode RF/IF-Stage
VT224Double Triode Power/Output
VT132 12K8YTriode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
VT185 3D6 CV815Pentode Power/Output
0A4GThyratron Cold-cathode
12A8GT/G CV910Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
12F8Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
150B2Voltage Regulator, single Power-supply
150C4Voltage Regulator, single
2X2 879 VT119Half-Wave Rectifier
2X2A VT119Half-WaveRectifier
38HE7Damper Diode-Beam Power-Endtetrode
3A/167MTriode Power/Output
4687KVoltage Regulator, single Power-supply
5A/156M Pentode RF/IF-Stage
5A/157D CV358Pentode Audio Frequency
6159BBeam Power Tube
6A6Double Triode Power/Output
6AG7YPentode Power/Outpu
6AR5Pentode Power/Output
6BN6Gated-beam-tube beam power Detector
6BN8Double Diode-Triode
6BV7Double Diode-Pentode Power/Output
6CM5 Pentode Power/Output
6DQ6Beam Power Tube Power/Output
6U5GMag. Eye, 1 shadow angle Indication
6Y6GBeam Power Tube Power/Output
6Y6GTBeam Power Tube
A3Triode Power Output
ARP35Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
CK5670Double Triode VHF
CV1091Pentode Universal Controlling (mu)
CV345 12E1Beam Power Tube beam power Power-supply
CV359 NE17Glow Indicator (Neon) Indication
CV4025 6058 M8079Double Diode Detector
CV4031 M8081Double Triode VHF
CV858 6J6W
EB34 6H6GTDouble Diode Detector
EL32 CV1052Vacuum Pentode Power/Output
QQV03/10 CV2798Double Tetrode
UBF80Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
UCH42Triode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
UF21Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
VR137 CV1137Triode VHF
1LA6 CV775Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode) Pentagrid (old) Controlling (mu)
1LD5 CV779Diode-Pentode Audio Frequency
1D8GT VT148Diode-Triode-Pentode Power/Output
1H5GT 1H5 VT223Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
1P5GTPentode Controlling (mu)
3Q5GT DL33 VT221 CV819Beam Power Tube Power/Output
1N5GTPentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
DK32OCTODE Controlling (mu)
DF33Pentode Controlling (mu)
DL36Pentode Power/Output
1U4 DF904 Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
DF96 1AJ4 1F33Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
34Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
32Screen-grid Tetrode RF/IF-Stage
19Double Triode Power/Output
49Double Grid Power Amplifier Power/Output
33 Pentode Power/Output
KL4Pentode Power/Output
KK2OCTODE Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
VP2BPentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
1B5 25SDouble Diode-Triode
1C6Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
1A4Screen-grid Tetrode Controlling (mu)
1C7GPentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
1D4Pentode Power/Output
1A4PScreen-grid Tetrode Controlling (mu)
1K5GPentode RF/IF-Stage
1D5GPPentode Controlling (mu)
GZ30 5Z4G
DF906Screen-grid Tetrode RF/IF-Stage
5R4GY CV717Full Wave Rectifier
EF39Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
2A3 VT95 CV1831Triode Power Output
57Pentode RF/IF-Stage
816Half-Wave Mercury-Vapor Rectifier
1X2BHalf-Wave Rectifier
6AX4GTHalf-Wave Rectifier
6GJ5Beam Power Output
EF37Pentode Audio Frequency
EF8HEXODE RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EK2OCTODE Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
EY81 6R3Damper, booster, flyback diode
HY114BTriode VHF
L63 6J5GTriode
PF1Pentode RF/IF-Stage
QQV03-20ADouble Tetrode
RX235Half-Wave Rectifier
82Full-Wave Mercury-Vapor Rectifier
354Half-Wave Rectifier, gasfilled
800Transmitting Triode
5Y4GTFull-Wave Rectifier
6BC8 6BZ8Double Triode
6K8GTriode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
6SA7Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
EN31 EC50Thyratron
PY82 19Y3 19SUDamper, booster, flyback diode
76 Triode
MU14Full Wave Rectifier
12BY7ABeam Power
EZ35 6X5GTFull Wave Rectifier
6F5GAudio Triode
6Q7GDouble Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
6J7G KTZ63Pentode
1V2Half Wave Rectifier
EZ3Full Wave Rectifier
EZ2Full Wave Rectifier
1A4TScreen-grid Tetrode Controlling (mu)
15Pentode RF/IF
1Q5 GT/GBeam Power Output
1F6Double Diode-Pentode Audio Frequency
VP22 CV1331Vacuum Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
TDD2ADouble Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
1B4Screen Grid Tetrode
1J6 GTDouble Triode Power/Output
1K7GDouble Diode-Pentode Universal
1H6GDouble Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
12AH8Triode-Heptode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
5AS4A 5U4GBFull-Wave Rectifier
6AU5GTBeam Power Tube
6BW7Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6F15Pentode Controlling (mu)
6F8G VT99Double Triode
12Z3Half-Wave Rectifier
6SF5Triode Audio Frequency
6R7GTDouble Diode-Triode
6SF7Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage
KTZ73 CV1343Pentode RF/IF-Stage
6SQ7Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency
6SN7GT VT231Double Triode
6SL7GTDouble Triode Audio Frequency
6Z3High-vacuum Rectifier
6S7GVacuum Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6G8GDouble Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6SK7GTPentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
CV1066 VR66Triode Power/Output
6B5MULTI-SYSTEM, internal coupling Power/Output
6C8GDouble Triode Audio Frequency
5V4GAFull-Wave Rectifier
AZ4Full-Wave Rectifier
6LD20Double Diode-Triode
7A6Double Diode Detector
832 VT118Double Beam Power Tube
AZ41Full-Wave Rectifier
CV1078 VR78Signal Diode - one single system RF/IF-Stage
CV188 7475Voltage Regulator, single
DL41Pentode Power/Output
6X4WA CV4005Full-Wave Rectifier
PCL88Triode-Beam Power/Output
RX235Half-Wave Rectifier
UY89Half-Wave Rectifier
VT117Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
20CGPhotocell Gas filled
4211ETransmitting Triode, air cooled
6GW6 6DQ6BBeam Power Tube
BT45 CV22Thyratron
D63 ARDD3 CV1929Double Diode Detector
KL35Pentode Power/Output
QQE06/40Double Tetrode Power/Output
1909ACurrent Regulator, Iron in Hydrogen Power-supply
3533APhotocell Gas filled
RK34 2C34Double Triode Power/Output
6N7GTGDouble Triode Power/Output
35Z5GTHalf-Wave Rectifier
0C2Voltage Regulator
EL360Pentode Power/Output
6AG6GPentode Power/Output
KT81Beam Power Tube Power/Output
7F8Double Triode VHF
6J8GTriode-Heptode Frequency converter
7J7Triode-Heptode Frequency converter
18 Pentode Power/Output
6J8GATriode-Heptode Frequency converter
6G6GPentode Power/Output
7R7Double Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
6B8GTDouble Diode-Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
EB41Double Diode Detector
6A8GTPentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
7G7Pentode RF/IF-Stage
7A7Pentode RF/IF-Stage Controlling (mu)
7A8OCTODE Frequency converter
7Q7Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)
6U6GTPentode Power/Output
25A6Pentode Power/Output
6V6GTABeam Power Tube Power/Output
6G6Pentode Power/Output
6L6GBBeam Power Tube
6L6GCBeam Power Tube
6N7GTDouble Triode Power/Output
UCH41Triode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
ECH41Triode-Hexode Frequency converter Controlling (mu)
EZ41Full-Wave Vacuum Rectifier Power-supply
1622Beam Power Tube
CV422 QS108/45Voltage Regulator, single
EM87Mag. bar tuning indicator
6AU6APentode RF/IF-Stage
12AL5Double Diode Detector
EABC80 6AK8Triple diode triode
CK512AXPentode Audio Frequency
CK533AXPentode Power/Output
DC70 6375Triode RF/IF-Stage
955 VT121Triode VHF
6D-HH13Double Triode
7587Nuvistor Tetrode
7586Nuvistor Triode
8056Nuvistor Triode
ECC802Double Triode
ECC83SDouble Triode
EBC80Double Diode-Triode
6BE8Triode-Pentode Frequency converter
837 VT101Pentode
9006Diode Detector
12SL7Double Triode
150C1KVoltage Regulator
L102/2K 7825Counting and Measurement
6AL6 CV140Beam Power
6C8Double Triode
CV415Double Tetrode
CV5112 3A/167MTriode
EAF41 D61Diode Pentode
EBF35Double Diode Pentode
ECH3Triode Hexode
EM34 6CD7Magic Eye
L102/1KCounting and Measurement
VT100ABeam Power

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